Why Sarms Matrix

We do us. No BS.

Just a few reasons to choose Sarms Matrix


With global orders processed since we launched, some of our customers have been kind enough to leave positive feedback! We don't want to publish fake reviews on the site as that is too easy, so go have a browse and see what you can find.

Satisfaction Gurarantee

We offer a no quibble refund policy as long as the bottle is more than 50% full and we will give you your money back

Lab Tested Materials

Tests from source and independently PLUS professional handling and credit card payments

A transparent website AND a personal note from our founder..

We have put it the realest info on our website - in black and white - so you can make an informed decision. Our stance on recommendations, customs procedures, testing research, chemical compound structures, reviews, lab certificates, advanced shipping and much much more...

Read more about what our founder has to say about our company and SARMs before you buy from us.

What makes us different

1. We don't hide behind cryptocurrencies for payment


2. Quality

3. Many more reasons why customers choose us....

Service – We really care. We strive to make every order a perfect experience!

Quality – Super high grade quality - verified by customers in reviews but also in legit certificates from independent labs

Price – We offer very competitive pricing for the quality and value you get from us.

Value – 50ml bottles of high mg count per bottle - all at a fair price!

Chemical Processing – Gloves & face masks, supplier factory verification, sealed bottles and temperature controlled storage solutions

Free & fast same-day shipping – compact packaging, as fast as next day more

Global – We ship from the UK to many countries - see here for more info

Easy pay – Credit card payments for all but we also offer crypto checkout that comes with a discount!

Secure – Fast and secure site based in Europe. Payment info is not stored and all customer data is handled compliantly via the Shopify platform

Freebies & discounts – Stack discounts, free products, discounted payment options and other promos promoted regularly when you sign up to for an online account.