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What is Advance Shipping?

We ship to most countries however there are some exceptions....

At checkout, if your country does not show as a destination address for an order, then it means we have suspended delivery to that country for now. You can send us an email to find out when we will start shipping there again.

International Border Agencies and Customs will keep getting smarter..

Few SARMs sellers ship internationally now. Some countries, such as Australia, are very hard to pass order through.

Australia essentially invested millions in new hardware/tech, and double-staffed their Customs/ABF agents in all ports, and doubled down on “random” inspections. Our friends in Oz tell us almost EVERYTHING is opened at customs, even cashew nuts! So if it contains a pill, capsule, or liquid, it’s going to be inspected.

As Australia lead the pack in terms of their attack on SARMs, from a global perspective; expect other countries to follow their lead.

We’ve seen a large backlog of orders from our friends Down Under. But with these increases in importing SARMs, Australian Border Force (AU Customs) has renewed their efforts to stop SARMs — and many other products — at the border.

Certain other countries’ Border & Customs agencies have long been problematic as well when it comes to importing SARMs. Most European countries are quite strict - Scandinavian countries are pretty tight in this area.

Most of our competitors have simply said no to these high risk countries. And if they do ship, its using illegal methods; something we do not support or condone for safety reasons.

Normal vs Advanced

You get what you pay for..

If your order is seized by Customs..

We’ve had very few issues due to the way we package, invoice, and declare our orders.

However, it is your responsibility to know the import regulations for your country.

In the unlikely event your order is randomly inspected and seized by your Border & Customs agency you will see this info on your tracking page - your tracking number will be sent to you via the email address you entered when ordering.

You may receive a call or written letter from your Customs agency if the hold exceeds 7 days (most countries have this policy, however some don’t follow it). If not you need to contact them to initiate the release process by acknowledging the compounds are for research use only.

Seized orders have 3 possible outcomes:

(1) Released after 1-6 weeks of inspection time (+10 more days to forward it on to you)

(2) Returned to sender after 1-6 weeks of inspection/processing, plus 2-6 weeks to return it to us (Customs agencies, including US Customs, are backed up right now due to Covid).

We will let you know if and when received, and provide a refund.

(3) Permanently seized - includes “destroyed”, “permanently detained”, or unknown/not revealed outcome (perhaps the Customs agents draw straws on who takes it home?).

Worried about being flagged by your government if you’re caught ordering SARMs? Don’t be. It’s a time-tested fact that a Customs seizure to a person or address does not increase odds of future seizures to the same. They’re after the guys importing kilos, barrels, and pallets and, honestly, they have no time for you. Furthermore, government agencies legally cannot target citizens for non-provable offenses. If this were the case one could get their enemies in a lot of trouble simply by ordering drugs, guns, or other such items to their homes.


Refund or Reship Terms.

Why the wait? 

Half the time the original order shows up, weeks later, after we’ve performed a refund. Half the time not. The timing above achieves a fair balance, the only way the program can be viable, especially in the Covid era of major shipping delays and Customs backlogs.


Unless you purchased Advanced Shipping, we do not offer refunds or reships for Customs-held/seized orders, or orders that get tied up in a country’s Customs or postal service for a long time and are presumed-lost (btw, even orders ‘lost’ in some postal blackhole eventually surface, even if months later, and are either returned to us [we let our customers know] or finally delivered)

Our advice? Go for a FREE re-delivery attempt..

If your products are seized with Advanced Shipping (very rare), we recommend you go with FREE re-delivery attempt because there is an extremely high likelihood you will get your parcel the second time around (plus we make changes to the parcel again).

If after the second attempt, your parcel gets seized again (very very rare) then we are happy to say thank you at this stage and part ways. It just doesn't make business sense to try again (we already forfeit profits on a second delivery attempt) and we are not in the business of losing money. We are here to help the international research community and have had great success, but sometimes - it is not meant to be (in approx 4.7% of cases - which is tiny!)

If you do not want to take the risk, then you can opt for a full refund instead of re-shipping. We often say to customers who request a refund that they will encounter the same issue with any other SARM seller - so if you made it this far, why give up now?


How to select Advanced Shipping

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