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We want to save you time and also want you to make the most of your research outcomes....

Three topics we hear about again and again and again.... so let us break it down for you.

Remember, none of this is advisory. Do your own research. We can tell you what we know. That's it.

Topic 1

Do not blame the SARMs because after two weeks (or days) you don’t blow up like Ronnie Coleman

Please don’t be this guy or woman. We have a stupidly good return policy. We have zero problem giving a refund, especially at our volume. But asking for a refund after a few days because your research subject doesn’t look like Mr Olympia is just wasting your time and ours.

Your research needs a minimum of 6-8 weeks of solid focus. And of course your subject’s sleep, nutrition, training, etc needs to be on point.

These are not magic pills.

REMEMBER– Each SARM is Unique!!

So, 99% or more of the time the solution is to choose a compound appropriate for your goal!

You must test longer, be more disciplined/tighten focus, and choose a compound your physiology will better respond to (may or may not be a SARM).

What a quick search on a SARMS expert on Google told us

SARMs for Bulking

What another quick search on a SARMS expert on Google told us

SARMs for Cutting


MK-2866, MK-677, YK-11 remain the most popular SARMs used in any bulk or shred cycle.

Snapshot of the extras to top up on..

MK2866 binds to androgen receptors in bone and surrounding tissue, often gaining itself the reputation “injury recovery/injury prevention
MK677 is known to be similar to GH or GF1 in its effects. It’s often stacked with other SARMs, to bulk or cut — or, like GH, run by itself at a higher dose.
YK11, while not technically a SARM, inhibits myostatin production, which reportedly allows the body to temporarily block built-in safety restrictions on rapid muscle growth.



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Will Sarms Work For You?

There are always going to be some research subjects whose physiology is “genetically reluctant” to PEDs or to SARMs or to change in general, but this is the exception not the rule from what we have read.

The only issue that can be corrected is increased focus and discipline.

We test more than anyone. We never “maybe have a bad batch.” All our products get manufacturer’s COA and third party lab tests. . View all lab tests ». If our SARMs don’t work for you, no SARMs will work for you.

You can check out our SARMs reviews - the comments and ratings there will be good and bad reviews (more good because that's just how it is!). This will give you a fairly reliable picture of the nature of SARMs research chemicals.

Side Effects

Some SARMs do have frequently-reported side effects: S-4 slight yellow tint to vision, MK-677 increased appetite, etc. — things you’ve read about for years. However, SARMs’ overall pharmacological and physiological footprint has been shown historically — over a decade now — to be relatively small, especially compared with typical benefits, and especially compared with AAS alternatives.

The problem in most of these cases is improper research and guessing. A trained researcher is disciplined day-to-day, then adds a single (one) compound to his/her routine. Then, leaving everything else the same, he carefully observes the outcomes. This is different than a scatter-gun or on/off approach of living like shit for years then one day changing everything: nutrition, training, sleeping, drastic change at work or relationships, jumping on 5 new & untested pills, etc. and wondering where/how/why the wheels fell off.

So no, your SARMs are probably not the issue if you are feeling anything after jumping into the SARMs game cold.

We are not saying they’re definitely not, and we are not saying don’t return your products, but think it through — perhaps do some analysis on your approach.

We have no issue responding to every such return request but our personal advice is to have a hard look at every other compound in the mix and the subject’s overall daily activities. Use expert advice on different dosages/timing/pauses and systematically eliminate other possible variables (other compounds, sleep/training/nutrition patterns), and see how it goes. Or not, it’s up to you.


Why do you not offer us advice and support for how to take SARMs as research subjects

We are busy. We are honest. We cannot guide and counsel for legal reasons. We humbly request you do you own research. However .....

As much as we’d like to, due to the nature of the products we sell, for legal reasons we cannot recommend products or advise you on specific research.

Legitimate sellers won’t be able to answer these questions. As you’re probably aware, many sellers have been shut down and many more are being targeted.

SARMs are not approved by FDA for human consumption as dietary.

As sellers, we’re limited on how we discuss the use of SARMs (and through association our other products), which are classified as IND chemicals for research use only. We are a supplier. We are not scientists, doctors, or healthcare professionals. Our job is to bring to market the purest pharma-grade SARMs, ensuring quality from raw material, to packaging, to your door. If we play by the rules, we can continue to operate as a legit business for years.

There are many sources available for the information you are seeking (including many of our Customer Reviews) but we are neither qualified nor allowed legally to advise on your research study.

We can say…
Sales trends over time with our products suggest most researchers choose one primary anabolic (muscle building) compound, such as RAD-140 or LGD-4033 or S-23 or S-4More is not always better.

If and when a study involves multiple goals (such as also injury recovery/prevention, losing fat, increasing endurance, reducing myostatin, increasing GH, or lowering estrogen levels), we generally see a primary SARM stacked with one or more secondary compounds (such as, respectively, MK-2866, or GW-501516 and/or SR-9009, or YK-11, or MK-677) to achieve these goals.

Dosing with SARMs…
Most researchers follow the typical daily administration, shown on the label.

Dosing with SARMs stacks …
We created SARMs stacks after tons of requests. Rather than multiple capsules per day of one SARM, many researchers prefer to administer a smaller, one-capsule dose each of multiple compounds to achieve a synergistic effect.

The ability of SARMs to reduce testosterone levels and/or increase estrogen levels is a hotly-debated topic. In keeping with the legal requirements outlined above, we have no comment. Our research suggests a very strong pattern of researchers administering a PCT immediately after cycle. Many opt to administer PCT two weeks before cycle end, or administer during and after. We do not stock PCT's right now.

The above statements are not guidance or product recommendations — they are observations of research we have found online. Please also see the “commonly stacked with” section of the Research Profile on each SARM product page.


Customer asks why they have not found a lot about us online - and if they do, its trash talk

Quite frankly. We don't need to oversell.

We have a whole page on why you can trust us (see link below).