Sarms Matrix 101

Make the most of your research outcomes

Three topics we hear about again and again and again.... so let us break it down for you.

Remember, none of this is advisory. Do your own research. We can tell you what we know. That's it.

Topic 1

Do not blame the SARMs if your research does not give you what you are looking for.

Please don’t be this person. We have a good return policy. We have zero problem giving a refund, especially at our volume.

But asking for a refund after a few days and blaming the materials you buy from us because your research has not gone the way you anticiapted is just wasting your time and ours.

We offer a guarantee on what you are buying from us by multiple independant testing certificates - so you are getting exactly what you paid for. The questions about your research, before you buy, should be:
1. Do you know what you are doing
2. If you don't, are you supervised by someone who does?

If you cannot answer the above questions, you should not be researching with SARMs in our humble opinion.

The chemical compounds are complex, so don't the content of your research if you do not know what you are doing.

That being said, sometimes research may not pan out as expected, and we are humble enough to apprecaite that - its be down to people, process, equipment, environment or anything not accounted for - it can happen. So our refund policy may still work for you on legitamite terms.


Why do you not offer us advice and support for Research?

Honestly.... because these are investigational chemical compounds that we are not qualified to advise on. We are experts in obtaining and simply distrubuting high grade material. We humbly request you do you own research.

Due to the nature of the products we sell, for legal reasons we cannot recommend products or advise you on specific research. We are simply distrubutors who are not qualified to speak about scientific materials.

Legitimate sellers won’t be able to answer these questions. As you’re probably aware, many sellers have been shut down and many more are being targeted for non compliance.

As sellers, we’re limited on how we discuss the use of SARMs (and through association our other products), which are classified as IND chemicals for research use only. We are a supplier. We are not scientists, doctors, or healthcare professionals. Our job is to bring to market the purest pharma-grade SARMs, ensuring quality from raw material, to packaging, to your door. If we play by the rules, we can continue to operate as a legit business for years.

There are many sources available for the information you are seeking (including many of our Customer Reviews) but we are neither qualified nor allowed legally to advise on your research study.


Customer asks why they have not found a lot about us online - and if they do, its trash talk

Quite frankly. We don't need to oversell.

We have a whole page on why you can trust us (see link below).