Min/Max Order Quantities

For International Customers


Min and Max Order Limits

Why the Limits?

Recent shutdowns of many suppliers/resellers is causing disruption, panic buying and hoarding.

Combined with the China export ban, US SARMs Control Acts and ongoing reviews on research and trials on SARMs - SARMs are getting harder to get a hold of, keep, and in many cases - sell.

Combine ALL of the above with one simple fact - demand for SARMs is growing worldwide. More people are researching with SARMs - because more people are ready to explore the reported benefits existing subjects have been raving on about for years...

As a result, getting good product, at a good price, will get more difficult until we get some legislation changes across the globe. That could be a while yet..

So we need to put a cap on the minimum and maximum orders you can place to survive in this industry whilst keeping you stocked with your supply.

Ready for the international market

UK Based Business

Explaining the Rationale Further..

We get new customers every day and many are testing us with small orders, but some going the other direction with literally trying to buy out everything we hold.

This may look like good news, but to be honest, its not good for a long term and steady sustainable business model, because:

* Excessive orders upset payment gateways and/or raise their scrutiny - and also increases chances of seizure at customs
* Mass orders wipes out inventory and annoys loyal customers
* Mass micro-orders slow us down in keeping up with shipping
* Disruption to customer service and order processing is inevitable

Fair Trade

All in all, if you are ordering from international waters, chances are you need product. And we believe the limits in place (especially Minimum) are not unreasonable. Most research subjects test more than one SARM.

Combined with a high success rate in shipping, some of the purest grade materials on the market, competitive pricing and a new discount popping up every so often - you are in good hands with Sarms Matrix.