Is Sarms Matrix Legit?

Let us break it down for you

The content on this page is from the Owner of Sarms Matrix.

We’re continuously working with the most expensive and reliable raw suppliers and independent labs. What we get is what we post on our test results page for full transparency.

We publish all reviews and offer a 100% guarantee on our products - because, honestly, there is nothing to gain by being a fraud set up. We really don't need to rob anyone to make money. We have money and have continued to build our business portfolios through other successful ventures.

In order to cut through BS and achieve the best possible level of legitimacy and transparency in a business that people have rightly become suspicious of, we put money where our mouth is and invest money and time to make this easy for you. Simple.


We know SARMs are BIG!

We say it how it is.

We don’t oversell - you either want it or you don't. If you need more info, there is plenty of info on this site and you can email us anytime.

We tell you clearly that “SARMs may not work for you” (although this is the exception not the rule) — SARMs 101

We say things like “this SARM is more mild” or "this will not help you lost fat, but increase endurance" here

We batch code every supply and reference every order to ensure you are not getting ripped by a imposter company using our brand name.

We publish customs risk and legal information for you to assess if we can help you and what you might expect.

We have real photos of actual products on our reviews (not photoshop snaps)

We pack all of our bottles with 90 Vegan or Vegetarian capsules.

We track the the latest in regulation to keep this site as up to date as possible.

We don’t put “Made in UK/Europe/USA” on our labels because no SARMs raw powders are; if the other companies are saying this and you believe it - then you have A LOT more research to do.

We have a thorough FAQ page - one of the best on the SARMs market - to cover most things you would want to know about.

We allow you to cancel orders.

We allow you to return your order for a 100% refund even if opened and half used (See Refund Policy).

We also offer a bullet proof insured Advance Shipping option to maximise your international orders making it to your desired address!


A Professional Setup

What the internet says about us...

Right now, not a lot. We landed with our first online product live in December 2020 but have already witnessed some Sideshow Bobs try to nudge us.

Who talks about us:

1. Competitors

2. Gym Bros turned Internet Warriors

3. Sometimes they are both 1 and 2 above.


Most sellers are just some guy in a basement with a home made, unprofessional, dirty and unethical setup.

However, we won't say that everyone out there is like that. We can honestly say there are only a handful of companies we would recommend if we were out of stock.... maybe THREE at max. These guys are proper and have a clean set up - in many ways we admire them and love checking in on them as a means of healthy competition.

But you have to think about the mindset of these side-gig gym-rat sellers — a kilo of SARMs isn’t cheap (try buying 15-30 at a time!), particularly RAD-140, SR-9009, and YK-11 … It’s possible, even likely, that a lot of these guys filter and dilute their stock to get more out of the little they could afford to order.

We also have to remember that a lot of customers have bought and used shit product before, so they’re (rightfully) skeptical about the industry in general.

You also need to be careful of the competitors selling fake stuff.

We have been made aware that fake compounds are not uncommon on the market - it beggars belief if you ask us - but it happens and that's all the more reason that real companies like us get trolled for calling these things out.

When anyone will see us doing well, they might pluck up that warrior courage (the internet type) to say some crap - that's fine, the internet allows them to do that.

We have real reviews, photos and certificates to know our customer trust us and over 75% come back.

Gym Bros turned Internet Warriors

The forums.... a tricky place to navigate if you don't know where you are and who's in the room!

Somehow, a lot of bro-pinions find their way to top of Google, so sometimes it helps to do extra due diligence.

Our SEO team in California told me about an incident they found when crawling SARMs webpages across the internet. A company once had their capsules emptied and refilled by someone - who then attempted to have that batch of capsules tested to try and discredit the sellers!!!! FFS man, what kind of bullshit is that? Turns out the guy on the forums got called out but claimed to not have enough money to do such an act as he works at a fast food joint.
But that min paying wage somehow feeds his 6 meals a day, SARM and steroid consuming muscle cycles! It turns out he worked for a competitor!

I personally don’t care much about any of the back and forth on these forums. Most of customers are not there and find us organically. Word of mouth is powerful thing.

The best we can do

Keep It Real

All we can do is be as open and honest as possible.

All this to say: Yes, we are legit. And if you haven’t yet joined the almost 1000 loyal customers who have researched with our products, you have my word and our company guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you are, you can return your products for a full refund, no questions asked.

CEO Adam J