Most Common Questions

There are pages with information about these questions, so we definitely recommend spending some time getting familiar with our website

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about the legality of SARMs.

You can read more about it here

If you want to know about how safe SARMs are, we cannot advise as this is a question for the scientific community. However, we have put together a guide here where you can start browsing some links. It is not advice, but will definitely give you an oversight of the research and testing done out there.


All of our SARMs are fully tested before export. All SARMS go through independent testing and are stored and process using the most proficient methods.

Read more, with a note from our founder, found directly here

Sarms Matrix - Non-Consult Policy:

We are a SARMs distributor - we are not big pharma, scientists, healthcare professionals, or drug manufacturers. Our job is to bring to market the purest pharma-grade SARMs, ensuring quality from raw material, to packaging, to your door.

There are many sources available for the information you are seeking but we are neither qualified nor allowed legally to advise on your research study.

We have broken down SARMs research links for you and also expanded on how SARMs are being used according to research obtained from various sources here

Legitimate sellers won’t be - or - rather, should not be consulting you. As you’re probably aware, many sellers have been shut down and many more are being targeted for non compliance.

Please note: SARMs are not approved by FDA/MHRA/FSA (or any regulatory body to our knowledge) for human consumption.

All of the liquid solutions come with content information both on the product pages and on the label of each bottle.


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Yes, Advanced Shipping costs a little bit extra, but it also increases your chances of getting your products on time without any hassle. If you use Advanced Shipping and your products are seized at Customs, we will either

a) Attempt a second delivery free of charge


b) Refund you the cost of your products (minus shipping).

See full details here


We offer UK and International Shipping.

We offer standard and insured shipping.

Please note: Most of our orders will arrive - but we urge caution - as always.

You are responsible for complying with import and customs laws in your country.

UK Orders

Free for orders over £100

£5-12 - For all other orders (depending on order size and location)

1-3 days delivery using Royal Mail or DPD.

No minimum order requirements

International Orders

Minimum Order Requirement** = US$ 175

Standard Fast Track shipping:

$30 - Europe

$40 - North America

$50- Asia, Africa, Australasia, South America

If you use standard shipping and your products get seized - we cannot issue you a re-ship or refund.

Advanced Shipping

No BS. Advanced Shipping ensures a higher pass through rate in customs. Read more here about risks by country/region for getting your delivery.

Advance Shipping Cost - £80/USD 95

For delivery of products that may get seized (which is rare with Advanced Shipping) - we offer either:

1. A full refund (minus shipping)


2. Free second delivery attempt

Please note - it can take some time to process international refunds/re-ships because in our experience, most orders eventually turn up - hence why we have an astronomically high success rate in over 30 countries. Read more here about how to claim a refund or process a re-ship.

- 6-14 days delivery based on location

** Learn about why we have minimum orders for international customers here

We ship globally.

When you go to checkout, you will be able to see every country we ship to - we cover over 90% destinations worldwide.

All shipping is from the UK.

Orders placed before 1pm UK time are shipped the same day. Otherwise they are processed and shipped the next day. Orders placed Sundays or major holidays are processed and shipped the next day.

UK Orders are normally received between 1 and 3 working days.

International Orders lead time for delivery can very between 6 and 14 days.

Generally speaking:

Europe delivery time is approx 6-8 days

North America delivery is 10-12 days

Asia, Africa and Australasia delivery time is approx 12-14 days.

The above are guidelines only and can be longer - sometimes Customs take longer for inspection or countries are distracted a global pandemic or political turmoil.

Your order WILL arrive … either at your address or back to us if there was a problem. Emailing us repeatedly with questions no one can answer will only cost everyone time and money. However, if it’s been longer than 5 days for a UK order or more than 10 days over the guidelines above for an international order, do contact us for next steps.

We’ve heard this quite a few times. Most of the time it occurs at an apartment complex or because of poor mail management processes.

Sometimes a package is reported as “delivered” but does not show up until the next day.

This usually happens if a delivery gets stuck in a queue in a local distribution network, the parcel is left with a neighbour, you gave us the wrong address or someone has stole the package.

We advise you:

1. Wait 24-48 hours if the address on your order form is correct.

2. If your parcel still doesn't arrive, then you must file a claim with the courier - using proof of order receipt we send you via email.

Clearly we can’t control the mail, or do anything about mail handling at apartments, neighborhood theft, etc.. Like every other company, we cannot provide refunds or free reshipments for “delivered” orders and remain in business.

We’ve had very few issues due to the way we package, invoice, and declare our orders.

However, it is your responsibility to know the import regulations for your country.

In the unlikely event your order is randomly inspected and seized by your Border & Customs agency you will see this info on your tracking page - your tracking number will be sent to you via the email address you entered when ordering.

You may receive a call or written letter from your Customs agency if the hold exceeds 7 days (most countries have this policy, however some don’t follow it). If not you need to contact them to initiate the release process by acknowledging the compounds are for research use only.

We have a full page with information about seizure risks by country, what the possible outcomes are for seized products and what this means for you, why we use a unique method of shipping and a no BS refund policy for anything that gets stuck Check out the info on this page here.

You will receive an email with tracking details when your order has been processed and shipped.

Some of our couriers need a signature and some don't. But if your parcel has already passed customs, this is nothing to worry about - you will get your parcel.

We scan the market for the most effective (price/delivery rates) regularly - so can switch between providers.

We have a good track record with the Royal Mail UK, DPD, FedEx and ParcelForce. Once products arrive in your country, a local courier may take over i.e. in the US, Parcelforce UK sometimes hand over to USPS for regional delivery.

Your tracking number in your email will however remain the same for full end to end tracking.


Yes. We send to AFO/PFO addresses. Please email us beforehand if you have any questions.

Refunds & Re-Shipments

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Firstly, we would like to start out by saying..

Please keep in mind that with the nature of SARMs; there is an element of risk we all take - buyers and sellers - in order to get legit, 100% verified materials. So be mindful when making your choices.

To qualify for a refund or re-shipment of a failed delivery, you must have purchased using 'Advanced Shipping' with your order.

Advanced Shipping ensures a higher pass through rate in customs. Read more here about risks by country/region for getting your delivery here.

For delivery of materials that may get seized (which is rare with Advanced Shipping) - we offer either:

1. A full refund (minus shipping)


2. Free second delivery attempt

We recommend you go with Option 2 - FREE re-delivery attempt. Why? Because there is an extremely high likelihood you will get your parcel the second time around (plus we make changes to try and rectify why the first parcel delivery failed).

If after the second attempt, your parcel gets seized again then we are happy to say thank you at this stage and part ways. It just doesn't make business sense to try again (we already forfeit profits on a second delivery attempt) and we are not in the business of losing money. We are here to help the international research community and have had great success, but sometimes - it is not meant to be.

If you do not want to take the risk, then you can opt for a full refund instead of re-shipping. We often say to customers who request a refund that they will encounter the same issue with any other SARM distributor - so if you made it this far, why give up now?

Read more here about how to claim a refund or process a re-ship.

Please note - it can take some time to process international refunds/re-ships because in our experience, most orders eventually turn up.

Contact us via this page here and we will email you with full instructions

Firstly, if this is the case - we want to hear from you. Why.. because the chances are you have got it wrong with these research materials - as all our range is verified and legit - some even scoring 100% purity in lab tests.

Aside from that, there's your expectations, correct usage behaviours, you fail in your research or you don't know what you are doing. You can read more about why people fail miserably with SARMs here and if you are still unconvinced; you can fill out a returns form here.

We offer a no quibbles refund for bottles with more than 50% of the products remaining - so rest assured, if you still can't find any sense in your research - we can help process a refund.

No - we can either process a refund (T&Cs apply) and/or process a new order for you separately.


We accept debit/credit cards, Bitcoin payment and Wire Transfer.

We are one of VERY FEW who accept credit cards.

Most SARM sellers don't accept these payment methods which gives you a lot less security - because in order to have merchant accounts setup with banks to process Visa/Mastercard - companies need to be vetted, secure, have financial stability and be trusted - all of which Sarms Matrix is.

All prices on our website are shown in GBP as we are a UK based business.

If you pay by Wire Transfer or Debit/Credit card, you will have to check with your bank/credit card company to know how transactions will appear on your statements.

If you need to check the cost of the product in your currency, you can quickly Google a currency convertor to check.

Please make sure that the billing address you have entered matches with what your bank has on record. Also, check with your payment provider you are authorised to process an international transaction.

Quick How-to:
1) Sign up with any cryptocurrency service, such as CoinbaseGemini, etc.
2) Buy bitcoin with a debit/credit card or bank account.
3) Once funded, return to our Checkout page and select Pay with Bitcoin.
4) At checkout, select “Bitcoin” and follow the prompts given by Coinbase, our cryptocurrency payment gateway

You can ignore the timer; our crypto processor automatically captures the payment if it arrives within 2-3 hours.

Initially, your order status will be set to processing or cancelled after 20 minutes, but once the payment is captured, your order status will automatically change to processing (payment received).

When we receive notification from our Crypto payment processor, we will process your order.

Unfortunately not. You can, however, use the discount coupon for your next order and sign-up for our newsletter and Instagram to never miss out on any promotion

Sometimes, the confirmation email can take a few minutes. But, please also check your spam folder. Our emails will occasionally go to your spam folder because they are automatically sent. If you cannot locate the confirmation, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Research Materials

We have covered some questions below, but we have a lot of information about the research materials on their individual pages as well as in the Common Questions section above. We highly advise you spend some time on the website to get familiar with our research materials.

All our products undergo blind and independent 3rd party testing by one of the most capable and reputable test centers for SARMs in the United States (MZ Bio Labs).

This is not before we have all materials inspected before export from the source supplier - with full testing that includes HPLC.

Unlike most other research chemical suppliers, we test all our products for the right chemical structure, purity and concentration of the active ingredients that go into our solutions.

Each material page has copies of the reports as well as on this page here

Yes, you can download the test report of all products on the relevant product page. We also batch code all our solutions and powders so you can look at the specific test report that belongs to your product.

Absolutely not. Everything sold by Sarms Matrix is strictly intended for laboratory research. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions.

Temporary temperature changes should* not affect the integrity of our products. Your products should* be stored at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight.

*We are not scientifically qualified to advise the exact temperature requirements but you can be assured we always store materials in clean, cool/room temperate spaces.

Your product should* be stored at room temperature, preferably not in direct sunlight

*We are not scientifically qualified to advise the exact temperature requirements but you can be assured we always store materials in clean, cool/room temperate spaces.

Technically, the expiration date or ”shelf life” of SARMs, to our knowledge, is unknown.

Many SARMs sellers stamp a 2 year expiration or sell-buy date on their products to indicate how long they last or to indicate SARMs’ efficacy lifetime.

We try out best to get you the best quality...

We store all raw powders in a cool storage facility, free of heat and environmental exposure. We ensure the liquid filling process is completed using precision, operated by highly skilled personel - minimising waste, corrosion or cross contamination.

Sealed products are then kept a dark, yet temperature controlled storage room until you place your order.